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We are committed to using natural, low-VOC materials in our repairs. This also means we practice a dust free method of wall repair, so you don't have to worry about what's in your home after we leave.

As you would expect, all estimates are free of charge, and if you like our price we can do small repairs on the spot. Of course, if your schedule is as busy as ours you might prefer a QuickQuote, in which case just email us a picture of the damage and we'll get back to you ASAP. What could be easier than that?

We do only four things: plaster, drywall, tile, and painting. Our limited focus ensures that you'll get the utmost in quality.

Small jobs are our specialty.

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Here's What We Do:

  • Hole patches

Doorknob through the wall again? Kid teaching himself how to use a hammer? We can make those holes go away.

  • Wallpaper removal

Nobody likes spending their weekend taking wallpaper off in a thousand tiny strips. And those "nifty" scoring tools they'll sell you at the hardware store? Those will leave your drywall with tons of tiny holes and lots of glue still stuck on, which ruins the brand new red paint you're planning to apply in your kitchen. So please, just let us do it.

  • Crack repair

Wood movement, dry winters, old plaster detaching from the lath - there are lots of reasons why your walls might have cracks. We may not know why they happened, but we do know how to fix 'em.

  • Painting

We bet that after your wall is repaired, you might actually want to put paint over our flawless crack/hole patches. We understand, and we can help you. We use low-VOC paint so your house isn't filled with nasty fumes. Whew.

  • Tiling & tile repair

We love the feel of tile. It just has a sturdiness unmatched by other materials. It would be our pleasure to tile your bathroom or kitchen.

It's also pretty common that the grout between tiles crumbles away and needs to be reapplied. Or maybe your tiles and grout just need to be resealed for a few more years of water protection. No problem, we've got it.

  • Other stuff

Yeah, we do that too. Give us a call and we'll let you know all about it.


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It's refreshing to have a kind and professional contractor work on your home. He was trustworthy and prompt. I would hire him again.   -Kim R.

Could not ask for better service or quality of work.   -Bob H.

I am really happy with the final results and would hire him again.   -John W.

He worked around many obstacles in our garage to finish his work with exceptional quality.   -Karen Y.

Piedmont Plaster and Drywall, Inc is a BBB Accredited Drywall Contractor in Carrboro, NC


We do love to hear from you. Drop us a line.